Who can join?

Lifetime membership is available to all persons who work for FEMA MWEOC, VA-NPSC or the US Army, Corps of Eng., Middle East District, and contractors providing services to the same Federal Agencies.  
Your immediate family members are eligible to join too!!

HELP YOUR FAMILY GET MORE FOR THEIR MONEY!  Please tell you family about the benefits of your credit union and encourage them to join.  They can open their accounts and enjoy the advantages of membership.  The following family members are eligible wherever they live:  spouses, grand-parents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

Steps for you to join:

   * Must work for one of the above mentioned Federal agencies or contractors providing services to
    those agencies, or be sponsored by a family member (children, parents, or grandparents).
   * Have a valid ID and a Social Security card.
   * Deposit $25.00 into a Shares account.